Mallard Court Ground Breaking

Ito Girard & Associates had a small groundbreaking of the Mallard project in Lemon Grove, which consists of 12 homes on a private cul-de-sac being built by HM Constructor Inc. and ready for sale July 2020.   

Together the 4 Ito siblings,  started the project 7 years ago as a dream and legacy of their parents to develop homeownership for the community.  “It took a long time to get to this point, through many struggles and obstacles” said Roxanne M Girard  but we never gave up. 

Robert Ito stated “my family were farmers in Encanto since 1905 and farming is  very similar to developing homes where we plant and grow vegetables on the land for families and now we are building homes on the land for families to live and accomplish their dreams for their children and grandchildren.” 

Everybody in attendance was proud to share and celebrate this great achievement with the Ito family siblings, including Mayor of Lemon Grove Raquel Vazquez , Robbie Robinson of Broadway Heights, and other close friends.